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Upright Pianos
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See also: Used Upright Pianos (below)

Concerto (left)
Dimensions: 150cm (length), 61cm (depth). Available in black or dark rosewood polish.

Cadenza (right)
Available in dark rosewood satin. Also available with candlesticks.


Steinmayer S99 Steinmayer (Model shown: S99)

This is a mini-compact, 73-note, 6-octave, upright piano from Steinmayer.

Specifications: 99.5cm (height), 124cm (length), 53cm (width).

Steinmayer (S115 Mark 2 Traditional)

Steinmayer pianos are designed for European tastes, with a rounded tonality and lightness of touch. They are built particularly with the student in mind.

Available in crown-cut (as illustrated) or dark mahogony polish and black polish.


Eavestaff 109 Modern Eavestaff (Model shown: 109 Modern)

This model has an elegant, well-proportioned design and full rich tone which has been praised at the International Frankfurt Music Fair over past years as one of the finest pianos in its very attractive price range. It features German Scaling and full 88 note compass.

Eavestaff 116 Chippendale Eavestaff (Model shown: 116 Chippendale)

This traditionally styled piano is chosen by many pianists as the ideal domestic instrument, Its excellent tone is superior to many chich are far more expensive.

Weber (Model shown: W102 Contemporary)

A small compact upright with a stylish, modern cabinet. The W102 comes in a variety of finishes and is ideal for the smaller home, where space is a priority.

However, despite its smaller dimensions, the W102 is an instrument with outstanding features.


Schaefer Schaefer (Model shown: 112 RP)

This particular Schaefer piano is available in mahogany, ebony, white gloss, walnut, (satin or gloss) finish.

The 112 RP measures: 122cm (height), 147cm (width) by 57cm (depth).

Samick 121 Samick 121 (left)
Dimensions: 150cm (length), 61cm (depth). Available in dark walnut.

Samick 042 (right)
Dimensions: 146cm (length), 56cm (depth). Available in mahogany.

Samick 108

Samick JS112RI
88 keys (7.25 octaves)
Height: 112cm
Width: 148cm
Depth: 56cm
Weight: 207kg
Samick JS112RI

Reid-Sohn Reid-Sohn (Model shown: 115)

This stylish upright provides the pianist with an instrument that has both beautiful tone and is a fine piece of furniture. This piano is very good value for money

Dimensions: 115cm (height), 149cm (width), 56cm (depth). Available in the following finishes: ebony, white gloss, oak, light or dark cherry (satin), mahogany or walnut (gloss or satin).

See some samples of finishes available for Kawai Pianos.

Kawai K-15E
K-15E (left)
K-18E (right)
K-25E (below right)
Kawai K-18E
The Kawai K series range of upright pianos offers a level of tone quality and performance that rivals many grand pianos.

With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K Series models are excellent for auditoriums, schools and other institutional settings.

Kawai K-25E

Kawai (Model shown: K-30 E)

The K-30 E is built with the same diligent care that has made the name Kawai a symbol of true piano craftsmanship. Combining the latest innovations in piano-building technology, meticulous craftsmanship and proven performance, the K-30 E Professional Upright is one of the best dollar-for-dollar piano values today.

Kawai K-30 E

Kawai KX-10
(KX-10 & KX-15)

The Kawai KX Series offer incomparable value with outstanding sound, touch and durability, combining experienced craftsmanship with world-renowned piano technology.
Kawai KX-15

Gerh. Steinberg 110 Standard
Gerh. Steinberg
(110 Standard
& 115 Console)

Gerh. Steinberg soundboards, made of Sitka spruce, provide optimum performance, and the strings are made oef best quality steel "Röslau".

Gerh. Steinberg 115 Console

Used Upright Pianos

Due to our high turn-over of used uprights it is not possible to currently display an accurate list here. Please contact us (details below) for latest details, prices and other information.

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